I invite beginners and experienced anglers to cooperate :) I will take you on a journey through the most beautiful reservoirs of the Nowy Sącz region.

I specialize in method feeder. I am also no stranger to carp and float fishing 🎣 In the waters of the PZW, I caught carp +12, carp +11, grass carp +10. Weight of "athletes" carp and +8. I also know cool commercials with decent pigs 🐷🐟🎣

Possible accommodation option (depending on the situation) or night fishing.

About me:
Husband, Dad, BIM designer, lecturer, fast driving lover, angler ... A man of many passions 😜 But when I start something, it's maxxxxa 🔥🔥 I've been fishing hard since 2021 and it doesn't look like I'm going to slow down 🎣

Telephone ☎
+48 660 912 183

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