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Fishing Chléire Haven

Fishing Chléire Haven

Glamping on Cape
Clear Island is a unique,
peaceful and adventurous
opportunity to leave the mainland
and your worries behind. Being
Ireland'smost southerly Irish
speaking inhabited island, situated
some 8 miles off the coast of West
Cork, makes Cape a pretty special
place for your holiday. 

Take the 45 minute ferry trip from Baltimore 
and relax amongst the romantic scenery, while
absorbing the tranquil beauty of the island, 
with its rolling hills and shimmering harbours.
The ever changing colours of the hillsides, 
where wild flowers mix with yellows and 
purples of gorse and heather, turning to 
the rich autumn gold of bracken. 

Why not enjoy this magical island 
with one of our Mongolian 
Yurts as your home, cosy,
comfortable and warm, 
Glamping at its best!

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