Coppice Lane Fishery

Coppice Lane Fishery

Fishery Rules

General rules
No keepnet’s except matches
Barbless hooks only
1 rod only per person
Maxmium Hook size 12
No Dog meat or cat meat
No boilies
No Trout Pellets
No Hempseed, seed baits and nuts
No Macaroni Cheese
No floating baits
No floating poles
No spinning, or live baiting
No Groundbait
No Joker / Blood worm
No Method feeders or fixed bolt rigs
No Elastication on any feeder rig
No Braided mainline and hook lengths
No free lining, all lines must have a float attached
Fishing from permanent pegs only
Match rules
All nets must be dipped prior to fishing
2 Keepnets required - Split fish evenly, Separate Silver fish, No tumbling fish, pull bottom rings through when weighing in, and return fish carefully
Matches must be concluded by 14:00

Only the following baits are allowed
Carp pellets
Bread on hook only
Luncheon meat on hook only

Coppice Mill Rules
2 rods per person
1 person per peg
Fishing from designated pegs only
Large unhooking Mat, Minimum 36”
Minimum landing net 36”
Barbless or micro barb hooks
Day session price is for normal fishery hours as per board
No non angling guests at any time
Radio’s and Tv’s sets to be kept low
Any cooking equipment must be off the floor (not on the grass)
Strict No’s
No sacking, peanuts, tiger nuts, bait boat, wading, camp fires, dogs, under 18s, braided main line, Lead core, pole fishing.

Please keep carp wet when unhooking and photographing (no standing for photos please)

All rules are subject to change at owner’s discretion

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