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Fishing Oscar Quevedo Iglesias

Fishing Oscar Quevedo Iglesias


        A rivers with more than 4,000 km of rivers and streams. All within a national park and unique nature reserves in Spain.
We offer knowledge of all the main rivers and tributaries. Each of them being suitable for fly fishing, depending on the accumulation of snow in the mountains, within which are the best trout rivers in Cantabria, Asturias and Castilla y León.
          We will fish and enjoy privileged environments, all of them in the heart of Los Picos de
Europe and the Cantabrian Mountains. In a very short radius we cover the rivers of the whole of Cantabria, the north of Castilla y León and the western half of Asturias, in the season from April to October. 
            Alive and fast Atlantic trout, migratory sea trout, the famous and sporting "Reos".
             We bring you the secrets of the unbeatable rivers on the southern of Picos de Europa, with the possibility of fishing for trophy fish every day, from May to October.
     We look for nearby and comfortable fishing enclaves, both for the displacements and for the capacities of each client. The environment covered by a large river network makes it as easy as possible.
We will be able to fish the four Spanish wild trout!

Douro Trout 

The Atlantic Trout

The Mediterranean Trout

The Migratory Sea Trout or "Reo"

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