Roger's Lake

Roger's Lake


Opening the door to 8 pm . closure 20 h . Installation and departure on the station between 10am and 12pm.

The hooks must be barbless or with crushed barbs.
Required : landing mats , disinfection.
Preservations bags are banned
Priming is not limited, but not to abuse
The bait allowed : seeds (must be cooked) , boilies , peeled
If you are away from your position; the lines are to be raised.
The reference arises is allowed but must removed upon departure.
Authorization of one cane shot by fisherman.
Prohibited: fishing leadcore well as predators and other rod with a reel .
Wood fires are prohibited except barbecue on foot away from the tent.
For litter : you have Conteners to the site entrance
Prohibition of throwing the frying oil on the floor : you must put in it in a bottle.
Vehicle traffic is only allowed to load and unload your gear , they must be at parcking .
Dogs are allowed ; leash, not in the mobile home.
Respect the environment , do not throw anything into the water.
Do not cut or even small tree branch: consult us.
Provision of a boat (scheduled for 1 person ) to initiate or answer a call, he must remain in the water, its use involves knowing how to swim and encourages the wearing of a life jacket we provide. And a ream you agree to pay the breakage of equipment.
You must come with an antiseptic. (Betadine)
Consumption of electricity above 10KW per day will be charged. Rate available at the reception.

An ID card or a deposit check is to leave security deposit.
We disclaim all liability for accidents.

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