Stanwick Lakes Fisheries

Stanwick Lakes Fisheries

Back in the 80's, Elsons was run as the Mid Northants Carp Fishery, one of the premier carp waters in the country, and fished by the top Carp Anglers at the time.
Now, 20 years on, it has matured into a beautiful lake, surrounded by large trees. The lake is around six acres in size, with depths ranging from 6-9ft. Surrounded by reeds, the lake features several gravel bars, sunken and overhanging trees, and lily pads.There are quite a few large carp in the lake, and at the time of writing, there are at least 6 known fish over 30lb, the biggest being just over 39lb, and many more over 20lb. There are a maximum of 12 anglers allowed on at any one time so booking is necessary. Contact Phil : 07974300015

Mallard Lake

Mallard used to be our runs water, but now the fish have grown to such a size that it has to be considered as our second specimen lake, with numerous twenties and at least two thirties. No booking is required on this lake, so just turn up and fish.

Swan Lake

Swan Lake, which used to be our Match water, has been heavily stocked with Carp over the last few years and can now be regarded as our "runs" water. Full of Carp averaging 8-16lb, with the odd twenty and even a known thirty, it has enough to keep most anglers interested, and is another lake you can just turn up and fish.

Coot Lake

This is our smallest, of around 12 pegs, and has received a large amount of extra fish, including carp, tench, roach, rudd, and crucians. and recently a good stocking of Bream to 10lb.

Car Park Lake

This lake has 16 pegs,and as the name suggests, is located next to the main car park, giving easy access. It has a large stocking of small carp, and is an ideal venue for pleasure fishing, or small matches. We have built some double platforms which are ideal for family use. ie. father and son.

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