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Elk Lake Lodge

Elk Lake Lodge

Elk Lake covers a 12,000-acre privately-owned forest preserve in the heart of the High Peaks, ringed by mountains: Dix, Macomb, Nippletop, and the Colvin Range.

This is a world that is unchanged in hundreds of years - a timeless place that offers a unique wilderness experience, a place to enjoy the silence, the clean air, the unspoiled natural beauty that are increasingly rare in modern life.

For more information regarding Elk Lake Lodge, please visit the News page to enjoy our Informed video, now airing on select Public Television stations, and a fabulous description of Lodge opportunities from a recent feature in offMetro.

Guests find they are welcomed into a charmed circle. Most return year after year, many over multiple generations. Book your room at our Adirondack lodging property today, and join us in a place of timeless beauty.