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Wędkarstwo Rafał

Wędkarstwo Rafał

Hello my friends My name is Rafal and l been fishing over 37 years and been Carp fishing over 30 years all over the Europe. I catch some stunning carps all over and l had few carps what’s is so beautiful as Big Common carp 25 kg from UK , Big Paul mirror carp 25 kg Im a only one polish Carp angler who catch carp in United Kingdom over 25kg . My fever method is Long Range Carp Fishing , l was been teaching by one of the Best caster Terry Edmonds who teach me how to put my rig at 150m and sleep well because l know all is good presenting for big carp . I’m offering you my experience from tidying rigs to casting long range all in one price . I know some one will be thinking way l need to pay for learnings how to carp fishing and l tell you know is good reason for that . I will be teaching you casting , watercraft , show you all different type rigs , when l way we use this type rigs or end tackle l show you what we do when we can’t get a bait and way we can’t get bait . I explain you way we take this swim or way this swim is so good or bad . All that you can get if you send me pm and we will be going fishing together. I will be supplying baits and food for our trip all depends what you like . I can supply fishing gear - extra cost I can supply mobile caravan or fishing tent - extra cost Anyway please been in touch and we will be agree where we going and what we need . Any issues please let me know Regards Rafal Wojewoda

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