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Tenahead Lodge & Spa

Tenahead Lodge & Spa

Tenahead Lodge & Spa is located in a vastly secluded region of the Eastern Cape, near Rhodes. Nestled along the border of Lesotho, this spectacular 5-star lodge is situated 2500 metres above sea level, earning it the title of “Highest Mountain Lodge in South Africa”. The lodge is surrounded by the breath-taking beauty of endless mountains.

Built from layered stone found in the area, Tenahead fits perfectly into the natural and unspoilt environment. While the road to Tenahead is long and windy, and a little bumpy, the destination is well worth it.

Inside the lodge, find elegantly decorated, cosy and spacious living areas. In chilly weather, dine alongside a toasty fireplace. In Summer, walk the mountains to find delicate wildflowers and bird life, encompassed by lush shades of green. The 7 en-suite bedrooms provide the ultimate in 5-star comfort. Add to your plush mountain experience and visit the on-site spa.