Another wet session

Mike Forster United Kingdom
Mike Forster
28. 08. 2019

A rather wet evening on the Severn tonight, but still catching. Using my luncheon meat which had been cooked in chilli and garlic and then adding systemite blackcurrant mist over the top I managed an eel (again...) then a chub decided to have a pop at my bait. Kept having lots of runs but when I was picking up the rod to fight the fish I kept having hook pulls or they were only grabbing the meat so not fully booked I'm not sure. I did change the hook from a curved carp hook to a standard barbless size 10 but then the rain came heavier and they seemed to not be interested after that, still a good evening, but hoping soon to catch another Severn barble. 🎣🎣🎣

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Full article is accessible for registered users only

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