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16. 11. 2020

Hi Milan, you normally live in Riba Roja d'Ebre where you are a fishing guide specialized in the famous Wels catfish. This year, however, due to COVID-19 you are livingin your home country of Serbia. Tell us something, did you originally move ot Spain to be close to the Ebro River or the move had nothing to do with fishing?

For me it was a "dream story". I first went to Spain in 2013 as a guest of Camp Riverside. The English were the owners of the camp. In 10 days I caught over 10 Wels catfish of over 2m and suddenly I got an offer from the owners to be their guide and so I started working there in April 2014.  Two years later the English decided to leave the whole camp to me, so I made a deal with the fishing company and since then we have been tenants of the camp.


Wow, nice! So it was definitely fishing that moved you. We would like to get to know you a bit and your fishing story, tell us a bit about when you started fishing and who inspired you to do so. How old were you? Where were you at the time? 

I started fishing since I can remember. My father was a fisherman like my grandfather. I haven't dropped the rod from my hand since I can remember. 

What is your favorite spot to fish? Why? 

My favorite spot is the Danube river in Serbia. Why? Because being in nature and fishing in the Iron Gates is a special experience. That part of the Danube is the most beautiful. 


What is your favorite species to catch? Is there one? Siluro or something totally different? 

My favorite specie is Zander, especially fishing on soft lures, but of course catching catfish, trout, pike is also interesting for me.

Tell us about your most memorable catch ever. 

Hmm ... maybe a Zander of 10.2kg. It was 8 years ago. I spent the whole day on the water without a hit and then literally in the last throw I was hit by the Zander of my life.


What is your idea of a perfect fishing session? 

Every day on the water for me is perfect, but a perfect fishing session for me is fishing with my dad and brother with nice weather and some good fish (laughs). 

Who has been the best angler you have had the honor of fishing with to this date and why? 

That was with my friend who is not alive anymore. He was 64 years old when he died and he taught me a lot about Zander fishing. For me he was one of the best fishermen ever. He used to say "fishing is a science". 


Have you fished somewhere other than Serbia and Spain? If yes, where? If not, where would you like to go? We are interested in everything regarding fishing and traveling ;)

Other than Spain, I used to go in Bosnia, my home land, on the Sana river where I fish for Danube salmon (hucho hucho). Beautiful river,nature and fish.

What would you tell or recommend to anglers looking to fish in Spain or Serbia? Any tips, facts or recommendations? 

A many anglers know, the Ebro river is the most popular river in Europe when it comes to monster catfish and carpfishing. For me in Serbia and also in Spain the period of the year is very important in order to have some good catches. For catfishing in Spain April is the best month, also the end of june and from September to November. In Serbia for Zander, my favorite month is december.

Do you have any goals or dreams yet to fulfill in fishing? 

My wish is to go to Mongolia to fish for Taimen or Seychelles to fish at sea Giant Trevally (GT). 

Thank you for your time and for sharing some of your stories and experience with us. We wish you lots of great fishing sessions and look forward to updates and more photos from you and your amazing catches.

Contact Milan if you want to know more about fishing in Serbia or the Ebro in Spain. 

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