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18. 09. 2020

We all want to enjoy nature, go to the waterfront, find healthy fish populations and continue having exciting fishing trips. In order to do so we need to be mindful and make sure that the way we fish is sustainable and doesn’t harm the ecosystems and fish populations so ourselves and others can enjoy it as well. 

Catch and release is one way we can continue to have fun, yet protect the future of fishing and the ecosystems we catch fish in. Here are some reasons why we should try to practice catch and release fishing whenever possible:

Support native fish populations 
Quite obvious, but nevertheless important; catching and releasing native species improves fish populations for it allows more fish to stay in their natural habitat and reproduce. 

Encourages ecological awareness 
Releasing catches back into the water prevents the damage of overfishing a target species and throwing off balance fishing populations and their ecosystems. It leaves food chains intact and fishes reproducing at normal healthy rates. 

Encourages fishing ethics 
Skilled catch and release anglers can significantly reduce the harm caused to their catches. It takes some time and effort, but it can make fishing safer and more compassionate for all. 

Allows fishes to get bigger 
Putting smaller fishes back into the water will allow them not only to reproduce, but also to grow bigger. The fishes you release back today will get a chance to become tomorrow’s trophy catches for all to enjoy. 

Ensures tomorrow’s anglers will have fish to catch
In areas where there are a lot of anglers, this practice ensures that there will be fishes for everyone. Overfishing can kill the fun and leave those coming after us without much to enjoy. 

Prevents target species from disappearing
Returning highly sought-after fishes to the water, when done correctly, results in high survival rates for future generations to enjoy. In waters where invasive species are taking over releasing native species can help preserve the balance. 

Catch and release started as a practice to protect vanishing fish populations in heavily fished waters, but has also turned into a movement that respects the fish and seeks to minimize injuries and leaves healthy populations for others to enjoy. 




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