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Bartek Urban United Kingdom
Bartek Urban
27. 11. 2021

River pike fishing is defenitly not the easiest and can be very frustrating at times, so today I'm going to tell you what 3 different types of lures I always take with me when I'm heading out on the river to minimize my chance of a blank!

The first classic one - pretty decent sized compared all the usual ones, Abu Garcia Pike Spoon 40g no matter where we go we should always have at least on of those in our tackle box. Doesn't have to be this exact brand and weight but spoon in general is a must have type of a lure, its so universal you can basically use it on any depth of the water and because its so shiny and gives out so many vibrations its very easily tracked and targeted prey for a predator as she is seen and felt in the water from every angle. They have caught me so many fish I couldn't imagine heading out without one.

The second classic - jerk bait, everyone has their own favourite brands I personally use two one cheap of ali express so I can sacrifice them without headache if I need to and second popular brand that I use on my known spots. Personally I strongly advise you to carry two colours with you, one dark quite natural colour like; dark brown, black or dark green and second brighter more agressive colour like; red, yellow, orange or light green colour. Its always worth having a few casts with each one as sometimes one or the other shade of the colour can trigger them immediatly especially in the winter time when their metabolism is low and they are less likely to chase a prey as aggressive as in warmer tempetures.

And the last third but not least - Large soft lure preferably over 15cm, often comes in action when the fish slow down as the tempeture drops. Colour - again It's always worth to have those two different shades but if we are not sure if we want to spend that wee bit of extra money to have the two colours of the lure, I find the fire tiger being the most universal and popular on the markets. When buying a soft lure like that I recommend considering a corkscrew stinger rig to use with a cheburashka so we can change adjust the weight more frequently without damaging the lure with a jig head.

Thanks for reading my first blog as a short guide to river fishing and like if you would like to see more blogs from me :)

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