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Fishing Camping Sennalpe

Fishing Camping Sennalpe

Plansee camping - a refreshing dip into nature!

Lake or mountain? Not a question you need to ask at the Plansee, because we can offer both and much more. Where water and the mountains touch, lovers of water sports and hikers, leisure lovers and those hungry for adventure are in their element. Embedded in a unique mountain world and surrounded by the Reutte Nature Park Region, the Plansee offers pleasure in nature in all its aspects.

Divers, sailors, surfers and swimmers spend the summer months enjoying one of the cleanest lakes in Tyrol (drinking water quality). Hikers and Alpinists can find a network of wide-ranging hiking trails open all the year round and in close proximity. In the Camping Seespitz and Sennalpe camp sites you will be in close contact with nature. Those who like a bit more comfort will enjoy their holidays in the holiday homes or in the Hotel Forelle.

There is plenty to discover: Tradition on the Musteralpe with its own Alpine dairy for you to visit, hearty Tyrolean cuisine meals in our restaurants, entertainment with boat trips and the numerous small and large treasures of nature.

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