Conifer Lake

Conifer Lake

Fishing Rules

1.      Maximum of two rods to be used at any one time £8 for 1.. £11 for 2 .

2.      N0 Meat of any kind to be used, NO dog or cat food ,NO luncheon meat , NO particle baits like(hemp).

3.      NO boilies to be thrown in only to be used on the hook.

4.      1 tin of sweet corn a day , low oil pellets , paste, bread punch ,floating baits ,maggots , worms are all allowed, ground bait limited to one kg per day, anyone found breaking bait rules will be asked to leave.

5.      No litter ! take it home with you – do not throw bottles or cigarette butts into the lake or in your peg.
6.      Rods should NEVER be left unattended.

7.      Barbless hooks only largest size 12 MAXIMUM .

8.     NO braid of any kind
9.      Please DO NOT bring any keep nets , weighing nets or landing nets to this fishery , keep nets are not aloud we will lone you a landing net (only the net not the handle) they will be hung up on a line you will see them as you drive in please take one before you go to your peg then at the end of the session dip the net in the net dip and hang back up, please do not take it home with you ,

10.  No fires, radios barbeque's or swimming.

11.  Removal or introduction of fish is strictly prohibited.

12.  NO spinning allowed.

13.  Respect all wildlife – wildlife has total priority around the lake.

14.  Do not damage any vegetation – look after the trees and plants.

15. NO fixed leads of any sort.

16. NO children under 16 allowed to fish . Unless passed by the management please phone graham before you come


17. NO dogs.


18. NO bivies or tents around the lake. Unless passed by the management.


19. Please take all unused baits home with you DO NOT throw in lake at end of Session.

Anyone breaking the rules will be asked to leave ,

The management reserves the right to amended these rules or add rules at any time.  
Like to see yourself in our Photo Gallery please send your photo name date of catch size of fish to  
1/ THE LAKE RULES  The lake rules have been set up to help protect and maintain the lake , its contents and the surrounding area of outstanding natural beauty for the pleasure of the users and visitors of this beautiful lake, the rules are NOT negotiable and anyone caught disobeying them will be removed from the site.

2/ ARRIVING AT CONIFER LAKE when driving to the lake please be considerate of the surrounding area , lanes and its residents, please only park in the intended parking area. NO DOGS ALLOWED.
3/ DEPARTING CONIFER LAKE AS ABOVE be considerate of the surrounding area , lanes and its residents, ensure ALL litter is removed from the lakeside and taken home with you.

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