Etang De Vost

Etang De Vost

Carp Creuse was formed in 2007 to provide access to one of Frances hidden gems. We’ve added over 1 ton of fast growing carp to complement the original stock, with carp to over 48lb+

The lake was formed over 30+ years ago and was stocked with a large number of carp,roach, perch & pike. The lake was privately owned and when the former owner passed away, the lake was not fished for over 10 years. We took ownership in September 2007 & have been working hard ever since to get the lake ready.

We think you will agree with us when you fish this lake you have the added excitement of wondering when you land one of these Carp Creuse carp is it going to be one of the existing unknown stock or the new fast growing stock!!

The Lake Etang De Vost is 4.5 acres in size with widths of around 45-110 yards and depths from 1-8ft , it is set in beautiful country side with wooded area and bushes all around. Features of the lake are numerous and classical including the old river bed, inlet stream and over hanging trees, to name a few.

“How can this happen a lake full of stunning scaly mirror carp. With no silly names in a secluded quiet part of France, stocked with carp to 48 pounds and growing in beautiful surroundings waiting for you to get a bend in your rod. yeah can you believe it? I did & had a great time was looked after well by the owners Ian & Caron , looking forward to going back later this year”

Pat The Hat

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