Ladywood Lakes

Ladywood Lakes

Andy’s plan is to rear fish down in the slightly warmer south and stock his best few fish into the fishery every year. These will be the best from a batch of over 100,000 fish. This will make an incredible stock of fish for the future.Many Fully Scaled, Zip Linear, Double Linear, Leathers and some cracking Commons have been stocked making for a different scale pattern on every capture.The fish were stocked over the winter of 2010/11 and have been fed 4 tonnes of Carp pellet over the year.

Early trials have reported good growth rates of the fish.Ladywood Lakes impressive stocking as at 2015 stands on top weight with over 40-20′s, 5-30′s & the jewel in the crown Lady Kamara at an impressive 41lb !The lake has depths down to 22ft as well as bars, gullies and weed beds. The lake has two main bodies of water and a wide channel linking the two, the Back Bay is slightly shallower.
There has been a track made around the lake.To allow anglers the ability to drop of there tackle close to there chosen swim and then drive to the nearest car park

An extensive planting programme has been undertaken with 2000 Blackthorn planted around the perimeter to keep out the unwanted. Over 75 Lilies have also been planted to encourage the fish into the margins. Norfolk Reed, Yellow Flag Iris and Sedges have also been added to the marginal shelf. Many trees including Willows, Alder, Oaks and Birch have planted around the lake to bring the old pit to life.We have erected at great cost an ‘Otter fence’ to keep these predators at bay.

The small lake, 2.5 acres, is stocked with over three tonnes of Bream, Roach, Perch & carp 10 of these being an IMPRESSIVE 20 – 25lb!We have 3 double bivvy swims for carp fishing these can be pre-booked 7 days a week for minimum 24hr sessions.

We also have 14 general day ticket pegs. Day fishing is 7am-dusk winter & 7am-7pm summer.
Available as a day ticket.
*Nobody is allowed to leave the fishery or enter the fishery during hours of darkness.

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