Meadow View Fisheries

Meadow View Fisheries


Linnet is well stocked with various carp averaging 3 – 8 lb. Largest reported was a common of 26 lb. A good head of silvers are present with tench, crucians, skimmers, roach and perch.

Lark is not for the faint hearted as this pool contains exceptionally large fish. Plenty of doubles come out on a regular basis. The largest last year was a common of 28 lbs. This is heavily stocked with a lot of double figger carp. Plus tench, perch and crucians.

Thrush pool is stocked with carp averaging 3 – 5 lbs with a few doubles and go up to 26 lbs. A massive head of silvers are present with lots of roach and perch over 4 lbs and a few pike.

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