Perran Springs Holiday Park

Perran Springs Holiday Park

Mayfly Coarse & Carp Fishing Lake

Double figure carp, perch to 4.5lb, big tench and big bream are heavily stocked in Mayfly lake. If you like fishing for silvers, there are also skimmers, and large rudd and roach.

Depths range from 2ft to 5ft. Fishing near the margins or close to the 2 prominent waterlilies often produces the best catch weights.

Pole fishing is popular, but the fish are large and fight very hard, so please ensure you have the correct setup and strong elastic! Feeder is also a good method, casting to the far banks.

On a good day, you can easily catch over 100lb of carp during a 5hr fishing session. The average stamp of carp in Mayfly is around 6lb.

Baits that work well, and which are stocked in our shop include:

– Hook and Hair Expander Pellets 6mm
– 8mm Chocolate Orange Feed Pellets (to band or drill)
– Sweetcorn
– Luncheon Meat
– Bread
– Chocolate Orange Groundbait

Dragonfly Carp Fishing Lake

Dragonfly Lake is recommended for the more experienced and patient carp angler. The majority of carp in this lake are between 10 to 20lbs-plus. Fish in the deep gullies for best results.

There is also a good stamp of carp which have naturally bred in the lake, so if not targeting the large carp you can easily catch a good head of carp around 1lb along with large roach over 1lb.

This lake is a bit of a mystery, not as fished as much as Mayfly or Butterfly as it tends to be harder, but time and persistence can reap the rewards, and you may also catch the odd very large tench or bream as well.

All methods work well, if targeting large carp with bait alarms, then boilies or pellets work well.

To catch the larger specimen carp, we recommend you try using larger pellets and boilies sold from our shop.

Need some help – when you’re here, just ask Andrew for advice regarding baits, tackle and the lakes.

Butterfly Coarse Fishing Lake

Butterfly Lake is great for family fishing, with the average stamp of carp being 1lb to 3lb, although some go up to to 15lb. Tench, big perch, rudd, roach and bream are also heavily stocked.

The best method on Buttefly is float fishing, either waggler, or pole fishing by the islands.
Fishing in the margins on each of the lake corners can also produce large catches.

Smaller baits are great for catching the crucian carp

Total catches of 50lb-plus are not uncommon.

It’s the smallest of our 3 lakes, but packed with fish so you can catch all day!

Baits that work well, and which are stocked in out shop are:

– 4mm or 6mm expander pellets
– Luncheon Meat Hook and Hair Expander Pellets 6mm
– Sweetcorn
– Stillwater Silvers Stimul8or Groundbait

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