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17. 08. 2020

Planning your fishing trip can be lots of fun and it sure is rewarding when you are finally catching your dream fish at some amazing destination. However, there are a lot of things to consider as you begin to research and prepare for your vacation. 

Are you new and looking to experience fishing for the first time, or you already know what you are looking for? Are you traveling with non fishing friends or family? Do you want to have a wild adventure or simply relax by the water? 

We prepared this short checklist to help you get started. 

Is there a particular species you want to fish? 

This can help you narrow down your search for fishing spots. If you are looking to fish Arapaima you might very well turn to look towards the Amazon River basin or Thailand, whereas if you want to catch some carps the Ebro River will have a lot to offer you

Do you have specific dates or are you flexible?

Some fish species are easier to catch during warmer months of the year, whereas some others are easier to catch in cooler months. Being flexible with dates allows you to pick the best times for your target species, but don’t fret. You can always find a spot to go fishing even if you have specific dates for your vacation. 

Do you have a preferred fishing method? 

Do you like spinning? Fly fishing? Not sure? Some locations have some restrictions that prevent anglers from using certain fishing methods. Make sure you check the location you have in mind and then prepare the gear accordingly. Look for the right rod, make sure you have a good reel, and then prepare the perfect baits to catch your dream fish. Or find a guide through our app that could provide you with equipment and all the info you need. 

Do you have a specific destination in mind?

Perhaps you have a particular lake, river or coastal area you want to check out. In that case you might need to research the species and fishing methods allowed. If you just know you want to chill in a river or spend time at a beach you can open the search a bit more and see what fits your style and wishes. 

Do you want a comfortable bed or a wild camping experience?

Different anglers have very different preferences when it comes to the level of comfort they want to have. Which one are you? Perhaps you prefer to be away from civilization and dive into nature for a couple of days without comforts, or perhaps you want to sleep in a nice comfortable bed with AC or heating, good food and showers. 

What is your budget?

Last, but not least. Knowing what your budget is might allow you to dream smartly. Traveling always costs money, but the comforts, spots and countries you can visit depend on what you are able to afford. If budget is not an issue you can pick the country, guide and rent the best equipment. But there are always options, cheaper flights, locations where you can bring your own equipment and not spend money on boat rentals, guides, etc.  

If you are looking for a local fishing guide, don't forget that we have the largest database of fishing guides in Europe. Search for your dream location on our app and find a fishing guide to help you plan your fishing trip. 



Photo by Lum3n from Pexels

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