A very slow day

Mike Forster United Kingdom
Mike Forster
11. 07. 2019

This was my first trip down on the River Severn this season, with very sunny and hot conditions it was not ideal for fishing for barbel, also with a large amount of water on the Severn, I didn't think I would have much and was pretty sure I was going to blank. Using my usual set up of a 12 foot Shakespeare carp rod and a Fladen bait runner reel with 10lb line I cast out a cage feeder full of my own make of ground bait. My hook bait was a 16mm halibut pellet, wrapped in a halibut paste. Casting just on the edge of current I then left the bait in for fifteen minute stints, after fifteen minutes I would bring in refill my feeder and recast into the same spot once more. in the space of just under and hour the reel screamed off, I struck into the bite and felt a very heavy resistance but nothing else, my mind instantly said I had snagged up a tree, that was until I felt the fish begin to pull and pull hard. The fish fought hard and kept in the current, making it more difficult to gain line, after a few minutes the fish finally submitted and came towards to the net, once safely in the net I left it to recover and snap a few pictures. This amazing fish was then released within a few minutes after it had fully recovered. Was an amazing day and was great to see that fish. Just remember all those who do fish the UK and have a very hot sunny day always ensure you recover your fish and keep them in the water as long as possible.

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Full article is accessible for registered users only

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