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Fly Fishing Croatia
14. 05. 2019

It's nicer than when it's time to turn ordinary days into the life battle of man and fish.Classic afternoon, autumn breeze, blurry water, I did not even know that 15m away from me is waiting for a hungry Danube salmon with a length of 94cm hardly 8kg.I before coming to the water, after a couple of cast I noticed that fish is feeding very good, I immediately knew that it would not be a regular day. So even after 20 minutes of fishing, a Danube salmon takes a streamer and takes a few meters of line from the reel. When he eat my streamer he jump two times and i know that's must be a Danube salmon . I knew immediately that it was a big fish. After 15 minutes of fighting the fish came under the stone, fortunately I managed to prevent it and the fight continued for another 15 minutes when the fight was over, after a couple of pictures of the fish was returned to the Kupa river .Thanks.

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Full article is accessible for registered users only

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