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Outdoor Transylvania Fly Fishing Romania
Outdoor Transylvania Fly Fishing Romania
31. 10. 2019

☆ We believe in the healing power of nature.
☆☆☆ Outdoor Transylvania Fly Fishing Romania (OTFFR) is happy to officially announce the launch of our program OTFFR-M ( Outdoor Transylvania Fly Fishing Romania for the Military) for the 2020 fishing season. The program went through its innitial pilot stage during this year's season.
• We promise we will do our best for you to have an exciting and unforgettable experience!
• This program is dedicated exclusively to all the military personnel, especially to the retired military personnel, veterans, disabled veterans, their family members and their companions.
• Introduced a long time ago by all NATO member countries, with extraordinary results so far, the program is absolutely new in our country and Outdoor Transylvania Fly Fishing Romania is the first and only company in Romania that offers this type program to all categories of military personnel.
• The owner of this company is an Army veteran, who served in theaters of operations together with personnel from the USA, the UK, ITALY, etc. His current collaborators are also veterans or retired military personnel.
The program combines the passion for fly fishing with the learning of the necessary skills for this noble recreational sport, while aiming at utter relaxation as well as the physical and emotional recovery of all the persons involved, in a fairy tale location.
• You will find here a relaxed atmosphere with friendly and communicative people and you will be able to make new acquaintances, military veterans who served in various theaters of operations or local people who have a strong sense of camaraderie.
You and your family will feel welcome and you will be able to spend unique moments of relaxation with real professionals.
Somesul Cald River in the Doda Pilii - Ic Ponor area, The Apuseni Natural Park, The Apuseni Mountains, Cluj County, Romania.
☆ AIM:
This program aims at helping you to relax through fly fishing, meeting new people who love this relaxing sport, retired military personnel or military veterans with a wide experience in different theaters of operations all over the world.
Meeting the different traditional culture of Transylvania and the Apuseni Mountains and engaging in a relaxing sports activity will not only help you to feel you are part of a team and a community again, but also reduce post traumatic effects.
We will provide you with all the support you need for a wonderful stay.
We will help you relax and you will learn to practice this sport in a professional way.
Included in the price:
- all the necessary reservations;
- hotel / B&B accommodation (3 ☆) or private lodge, 3 meals / day (traditional food and organic products);
- fishing license;
- 24-hour fishing/ tourist guiding;
- all the necessary fishing equipment provided (waders, fishing boots, fishing rods, reels, flies, vise, fishing materials);
We will organize fishing and casting courses for beginners, as well as fly-tying courses;
We organize trips in the restricted area of the Apuseni Natural Park and to the Vălul Miresei Waterfall.
For a fee: visits to Cluj Napoca (tickets to museums, the Botanical Garden) or Turda Salt Mine.
                 You are welcome!
         Thank you for your service!

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