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30. 03. 2021

This amazing trophy fish is characterized by its elongated body, shovel-like snout, long head, small scales, and a large mouth with an equally large number of sharp teeth. Despite their big body, they are incredibly agile fish, able to swim at a speed of up to 16 kilometers per hour, making them a very exciting go after. 

They can be caught throughout the year, but springtime presents some interesting conditions that make Pike fishing very exciting. After the long winter and their spawning season, they are still quite active and wanting to feed, providing anglers with great opportunities. You just have to be prepared, check temperatures, and go find the best spots to catch them. Let’s have a look at some reasons why spring is such a good time to fish for Pike ;) 

Check the water temperatures 
With water temperatures still quite cool, it is quite easy to see and catch pike in the springtime. In general the warmer the water the more downstream they will be if you’re fishing in a river. So in early spring, you might want to start upstream and make your way down until you find them. In lakes make sure to consider how rough the winter was and if the surface froze. If the lake was covered by ice, in the early spring they might still be in deeper waters that didn’t freeze completely. Otherwise, you can try drop-offs and transition spots where there begins to be some vegetation (they’re favorite spots). 

Hit the water at the right time 
As a rule of thumb, the best time for pike fishing is either at sunrise or sunset. This is the time when they’re the most active and feeding. However, in the springtime, the weather is much more benign and generally, water temperatures allow for catching them throughout the day. Keep this in mind and if you’re not having much luck during the day, make sure to start early in the morning and enjoy watching the sunset from the water. 

Go where they like to hang out
Pike likes fresh and clean waters, especially areas where water circulates, so it is quite common to find them on the river banks and lakeshores. However, it is a predator and enjoys camouflaging itself in the undergrowth, roots, and branches to track its prey. In the springtime there’s less underwater vegetation, so keep an eye especially for rocks and fallen branches where they hide waiting to catch anything from rodents, toads, birds, smaller pikes, or other fishes. 

You haven’t gone pike fishing before? Make sure to browse the Fishsurfing gallery and use our filters to look at some amazing pike catches. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced pike angler, don’t forget to share your catches and share the inspiration with all of us. 


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