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Redwood Park

Redwood Park

Redwood Park consists of 3 major lakes and a smaller training lake that opened in spring 2012. The 3 major lakes are:
1. Redwood Lake: The first that you will come across when you leave the main car park. It is a 1.75-acre well established lake and has an island located off-centre. Redwood Lake has 32 pegs spaced out along its banks, including some wider pegs for family use. The lake has depth variations from 4.5ft to 11ft and is stocked with Carp, Bream, Tench, Barbel, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Crucian and Chub. Fish range in size, with Bream from 1 -5lb, and Carp up to 20lb.

2. The Arc Lake: Our largest lake: with 30 well-spaced pegs, it has been designed in such a way that it is unparalleled in the region. There are shelves and vegetation to attract fish onto the pole line. The lake is ideal for those wanting to use a waggler or feeder approach. We have planted the lake with an attractive array of native trees and shrubs. Fish stocked in the Arc: Carp, Bream, Ide, Roach, Rudd, Chub, F1 and Crucian.

3. The Canal: A feature-rich lake, accessible from the main car park. The canal averages 12.5m wide, and is over 400m long, hosting 45 fishing pegs. A typical cross-section in most pegs reveals a short shelf at both banks, with a slightly deeper main channel.

This 'super-canal' provides large quality bags of silver fish, with enough Carp and Tench to keep your elastic moving! Fish also include: Bream, Barbel, Chub, Roach, Rudd and Perch.

The training lake, called The Moat, has been designed purely for pleasure fishing and has family-size pegs as well as disabled access pegs.