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Carp Tales France
Carp Tales
08. 09. 2021

Since living in France I've often passed by the small but beautiful river dronne located in the dordogne in the south of France and have wondered if it held carp in its deep snaggy waters.
After much research I was only able to find out that there are a few sections that hold a small number of fish and that they can reach 15kg, that was enough for me!
On arrival I tried to locate some fish but nothing was showing anywhere other than great numbers of silver fish, with that I decided to try and create a feeding frenzy with the smaller fish in attempt to draw in a passing carp, I used a mix of chopped maize, whole corn, pellets, ground bait base mix, chopped boilies and a good glug of scopex sauce which was all then turned into hand size throw balls.
The river was fairly deep thoughtout around 4 - 5m straight off the bank and has a hard gravel base, I couldn't locate many feature underwater other than a patch of lillys where the depth changed to 3m so surly a carp would visit it at some point.
I used a large hookbait due to the high number of good sized silver fish that were present so a 28mm boille snowman presentation was what opted for with a pva  stringer and bag of mixed boilies for free offerings.
Well it all paid off and I was rewarded with two beautiful river carp, one at 8kg and the largest at 12.5kg. I also picked up a few good size chub and a nice barbel, even they couldn't resist the monster baits.
I Imagined it would take a few visits here to catch my quarry but just goes to show that if you put the effort in rewards can happen
2.5kg off the max size in this water is a good start and I will return.

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