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15. 10. 2020

Neither fishing nor traveling are a one-size-fit-all kind of deal. There are so many different ways to enjoy both depending on your style and destination. Having a better idea of what you like and dislike will help you plan the best fishing trip. So let’s see what kind of angler-traveler you are. 

Solo vs. Group 
It takes a certain kind of angler to go fishing alone. You have to have some experience, be confident in the water, be independent and comfortable with handling unpredictable situations on your own. However solo fishing can be incredibly rewarding for some. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and connect with nature and get to know yourself a bit better. Some other advantages is that you can stay in the water as long as you want, and make travel choices without having to consult anybody else.

On the other hand there are those who prefer to share the joy of fishing and traveling with family, friends or a partner. Fishing with others offers a chance to develop camaraderie and share the laughter when unexpected and silly things happen. It is also safer when you are in the water to have someone with you and it doesn’t get boring. 

Budget vs. Luxury 
Perhaps you like to spend the night at a nice lodge with air conditioning, a private room with a dry and comfortable bed and a bathroom to themselves, or you enjoy the excitement of finding a place to pitch a tent or sharing a room with strangers at a hostel. Of course this is not just a matter of preference, but also of ...budget. 

Luxury travel usually leaves less elements to luck and simply want to have everything planned for them. Wake up in the morning, well rested and ready to go to the waterfront, fish, have your meals taken care of and go back to their room to recharge batteries and repeat. If you prefer budget travels on the other hand you might make more price-conscious choices and try to find cheaper alternatives, hop on last minute flight or train deals, deal directly with local guides rather than agencies and are open to fun adventures. 

For either style, Fishsurfing’s database can help you travel your next Fishing trip ;) 

Town vs. Nature 
If you want to be able to hit town after a fishing session, eat at a restaurant, check out some local architecture and be able to move around in public transport, perhaps urban fishing is your jam. Some anglers are simply city folks and like to be surrounded by people and culture, or perhaps you want to combine a more touristy trip with fishing. 

However, you might be one of those who prefers to go fishing precisely to run away from everyday life craziness. Fishing farther away from towns and cities gives you more freedom and quiet and many times better conditions to catch some exciting fish. Plus, fishing in nature allows you to enjoy your surroundings by hiking around, swimming in pristine waters, doing some birdwatching, etc. 

Adventure vs. Escape 
Maybe you are an adrenaline junky searching for intense experiences and challenging catches. If you are into adventure you might simply pack your bags with basic equipment and see where the adventure takes you. Or you are simply not satisfied with some tranquil fishing session by a stream, but want to go to find some monster Catfish or fly to the Amazon in search of the Arapaima. But if you are more of the escape type you really just want to relax and let your body and mind recover from everyday life. You want some nice warm coffee, good food, some fishing and perhaps even a spa visit and definitely a guaranteed place to rest. Which one are you? Or a little bit of both?

Bank vs. Boat
Some anglers like fishing from the waterfront, some others prefer doing it from a boat. Perhaps you are one of those who prefers the bank in order not to spook fish, take all the time in the world because you are not renting a boat, and don’t want to deal with landing a fish. 

On the other hand you might be a boat angler and prefer to have the freedom to move around the body of water where you are trying to fish. You want to have access to more and different types of fish. You don’t mind paying an extra buck to hire a guide or a boat where you go fishing. So are you a bank or a boat fan? 

We hope that these categories helped you learn more about the type of angler you are so you can better plan your dream fishing trip. Don’t forget to check out our map and database with information on accommodations, local fishing guides, fishing grounds and more. 

Keep fishing ;) 


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