Tinche di alta montagna

Peppe Torre Tower Italy
Peppe Torre Tower
25. 06. 2021

Well yes. In Sicily, in the high mountain streams we do not have grayling or char ... We have the Tenches !!! The constant search for uncontaminated places leads me to go there, where contact with nature becomes a primordial sensation. In these places you can feel essential, and every thought is folded and stored in the backpack. Last days of June. The continuous chirping of birds, the wind that makes its way through the leaves of the trees, a snake crawls quickly away scared by my steps ... And that sublime sound, the flowing stream. All this stops time. Today as 1000 years ago it is the same feeling 1000 years into the future, nature takes its space. I was looking for spring trout, armed with 7 foot fly rod with 3 tail and nymphs of all kinds. I slowly approached the stream, keeping low so as to scrutinize the possible activity of the fish. There they were, there were a dozen fish in countercurrent, one next to the other in a bollata position. The perfect opportunity to try my freshly bound caddis. I mounted one and launched it over the stream. My fly floated very well carried by the current up to under the nose of those fish who snubbed it, the bait went on and passed them. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. At that point I went over and looked more closely at those fish. Tench! I couldn't believe my eyes, those weren't trout but bright green Tench. Then I changed my strategy. Those tenches were bouncing on something I had to figure out which insect so I took the binoculars and tried to see. They were tiny green insects, he couldn't understand what it was but I had the right imitation. I took a green dry fly, the smallest and most realistic I had, mounted it and off into the water. My fly got under his nose and the fish boiled '. Here is my first tench in Moscow caught dry. I can admire its beauty and majesty from my hands, a homogeneous and shimmering green contrasted by the dark brown fins. Going up the stream I noticed that the only inhabitant of those waters was the tench, as well as a few river dogs, crabs and frog fry. That mountain stream inhabited by beautiful tench of all sizes is cast gold like an emerald set in the center of Sicily among those mountains, where this beautiful fish swims undisturbed.

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