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Barbados flyfishing
Barbados flyfishing
17. 05. 2019

I had two guys fishing a week each the past 2 weeks. This is more or less what they experienced. Quite difficult strong winds has been roaming Barbados, so it made the fish spooky and scarse. In average, the saw around 15 fish per day, where they had a good shot at 10 of them. They didnt really fish the best part, since the winds were that strong.

In average they got 2 bones per day, but with two blank days(the first day, often comes out blank, for people who is not yet familiar with the flat), but also with a perfect day with 7bones landed (4-7lb). Their tippet was 12lb, since they didnt fish the section, where the really big bones are 12 is fine, if fishing the section, i would change to 16 lb.

It has been unusual windy for this time of year, but as we speak, it is getting back to normal (which is still a constant good wind). It is all about adjusting to the wind and use it to your advantage.

So not a spectacular couple of weeks, but still producing fish. I expect great fishing the next month. Conditions will be back to normal, and usually plenty of sunshine.

Again the Peterson spawning shrimp did the job most of the time.

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