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14. 08. 2020

You don’t have to travel halfway across the globe in order to catch an exciting adventure. There are a number of amazing spots for freshwater anglers to enjoy by simply hoping on a train, a short car ride or flight. Here are some to jumpstart your imagination, in no particular order. 

Mequinenza dam in the River Ebro 

The Ebro River is known for its monster Wels catfish which can reach above 90 kg, but also for Zander and Carps which can also reach a decent size. The Mequinenza dam in particular has the highest concentration of fish in the river. When you come to fish here you might as well be about to fish the next world record. 

The best time to come to the area for fishing depends on your target species. The middle of the summer is usually a good time to catch Catfish, whereas fall is a good time for other species as they are feeding up before winter. If you need help planning a trip to the Ebro contact Milan, one of our awesome guides in Spain. 

Lake Bled, Slovenia

This magic destination in the Alps looks a bit like it was taken out of a fairy tale with snow peaked mountains, islands with churches, cliffs and a ton of trophy fish to catch. Lake Bled is known for its Trouts, in particular for the Marble Trout, which can only be caught in a few places around the world. 

Most fish in Lake Bled, especially Carps,  are a trophy shot with carps above 30 kg, and an average between 20-30 kg. Other than the amazing fish to catch here, Lake Bled is an amazing destination for you can combine historical sightseeing with some outdoor activities and fishing! Nothing like a beautiful and rich area to come enjoy our favorite pastime. 

Stockholm and surrounding rivers

How about some urban fishing? Stockholm’s water is known for being super clean and you do not need a fishing license in order to pull out your rod and catch some Trout, Perch, Pike and even Salmon. Imagine fishing right at Stockholm’s wonderful old town.

On the other hand it doesn’t take long to escape the city and dive deep into the wild where you can find larger fish and disconnect a bit more from city life if that’s what you’re looking for. If you also want to combine it with sea fishing or ice fishing in the winter time. Exciting! 

Languedoc Roussilon, France

An angler’s paradise, Languedoc Roussilon in southern France is rich with a variety of freshwater and saltwater species for all types of anglers. From trout to salmon, perch or eel, there’s something for everyone here. 

You do need a license, but it’s not hard to get. You can buy either a season pass or a daily and weekly pass at local tabacs and go catch your dream fish. After fishing you can always hit a local restaurant for the local cuisine is known for its amazing seafood. No wonder why… 

Fantanele Lake, Rumania 

For those who love camping and fishing, this is probably one of the best spots in Europe to go to. Located in the Western Carpathians, Fantanele Lake provides a wilderness fishing experience that not many other European regions can.

Some of the most common catches here are trout and chub. The lake has also amazing surrounding forests to walk, bike and watch some amazing wildlife. Have you gone fishing in Rumanian lakes? 

These are just some of the coolest places to fish in Europe. We are sure there are many more that we failed to mention in this short list, but we would like to hear from you and your favorite spots. Or if you have been to any of these places :)



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