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30. 07. 2019

Me and a friend had planned a try at night fishing for pike. There was supposed to be some wind. We had our hopes up for some bigger pikes, since the chance are that they might be more active at dusk and Dawn.
To start with,  the day was the hottest so far! And as we got out with the boat the little wind that was had stopped!
At that point we both knew that this fishing  night wouldn't really be as we planned.
So at this point, what do you do?
There was a beautiful sunset! Magical nearly. We decided to just enjoy the moment and just try.
My friend actually got a pike. But me, I didn't get a pike at all.
Just before sunrise I dropped of my friend. But I decided to enjoy the sunrise.
As the light started rising on the horizon, as did the fish awaken. suddenly there was life everywhere!
Just to see the Swedish summer and the sun that nearly ever sets, would had been enough.
The first strike I got wasn't a pike. But a big beautiful Perch! 1.1 kg and 44 cm. A new pb on perch.
So, my thoughts are this. Even if you might not get a fish or the fish you intended, there are still things to enjoy in the moment!
So this night fishing wasn't a failure at all. Even if I wouldn't had gotten that 1.1 kg perch, or that Ide that hooked on later, or even that 0.7 kg perch that will bee eaten later, this fishing trip wasn't a waste!
Beautiful scenery,  silence and just good company.
Don't forget to just enjoy the moment in that chace for a big fish!

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Full article is accessible for registered users only

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