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19. 08. 2020

Fishing in a European capital is probably not the first idea that comes to mind when you think of a fishing trip. But hey, Stockholm has some pretty cool things that make it a perfect place for enjoying a fishing holliday combined with some sightseeing and more. 

Amazing location

Let’s start with the fact that the city itself is an archipelago of 14 main islands which means that wherever you go in the city you’re surrounded by water! The water quality is one of the best in a European urban environment and you do not require a license in order to fish there.

Species to catch

Some of the most common species to fish in Stockholm are salmon and sea trout, but you can also catch pike, perch and zander. Imagine that! Walking out of your hotel or Airbnb into the closest waterfront with your fishing gear and catching some amazing fish. 

Urban fishing culture

You might keep in mind that being a busy city with no fishing license requirements you will most likely not be alone. Fishing is quite a popular activity and you will see anglers at any time of the year. Although the spot you choose will definitely influence your experience. 

A catch for all seasons

Regardless of when you come to Stockholm, there’s always some species to catch throughout the year. For example spring is known to to be the best time to catch pike, whereas summer is the best time for perch. 

Fishing regulation

Some regulations like the amount of fish and type of gear do apply depending on the area where you want to fish. In most areas the maximum amount of fish and trout you can fish a day is 3, and other species have their limits and maximum sizes as well. 

Fishing around Stockholm 

You don’t need to travel long to be in a more wild and relaxing environment. You can either take public transport to other less crowded islands of the Archipelago or simply hire a local guide like Lars Lindahl that will show you the best places in the archipelago on his boat and share all of his experience fishing in Stockholm and surrounding areas. 

A lot of sightseeing 

In case you want to do something other than fishing, Stockholm has a bit of everything to offer. You can visit the parliament, the royal palace, it’s old town or Gamla Stan, go to the ABBA museum, walk around its endless water fronts and more

Places to stay: 

Stockholm has all kinds of options available to you depending on your budget and travel style. From hostels to hotels, to Airbnbs or fishing camps if you wish to get a bit away from the buzz of the city. 

You can always contact our local guide Lars Lindahl for more information to plan your trip or to hire him to take you on a fishing expedition around Stockholm. 



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