5 reasons why to go fishing with your partner this Valentine’s day

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27. 01. 2021

Valentine’s Day is coming and you might be looking for ideas to celebrate your love that day. Maybe you met your significant other while fishing, or he or she discovered fishing through you. Either way, a fishing trip might be exactly what your love needs. 

Combine the excitement of an adventure, the bonding while fishing, and the satisfaction of catching some nice fish together and you have the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s day. Forget about buying flowers or chocolates and instead go get your gear ready! 

Positive experiences bring couples closer together
Time fishing with your partner creates amazing memories. The fresh air, the adrenaline and the landscape are more than enough to create lasting impressions. Add to that the fun of learning from each other, exploring the water, trying out new gear and working together as a couple to catch some memorable fish! If the two of you are wild adventurers with experience fishing go get some trophy fish, otherwise look for a gentler and more relaxing experience that both of you can enjoy and learn from. Working together and catching some nice fish can help build a stronger bond. 

Fishing helps couples unplug and relax
It might sound a bit cliché, but it is true that being constantly glued to technology, working long hours on our computer, and getting phone calls or texts can keep us from having quality time with one another. We are constantly distracted and stressed. Fishing gives us the perfect conditions to connect with one another. When you are out in the water the only distractions are the good kind of distraction, like catching a fish. ;) You can even leave your phones behind for a real unplugged experience. 

It’s an affordable way to spend time together
If you live near a lake or river you can simply pack your gear, something to eat and hit the water. No need to spend a ton of money booking flights, fancy restaurants or buying expensive gifts. You can plan a nice fishing date not so far from home and still have a nice break from your routine and create situations to bond and enjoy your time together. Just make sure you have the right licenses and dress warmly in order to make the best out of this experience. 

It helps build trust between you
From looking for fishing spots together, packing, heading out and doing the actual fishing, the whole experience gives you a chance to work together and develop trust and admiration for one another. Even when fishing is slow, there’s time to talk about life, share your thoughts and feelings or simply laugh at things that happen while fishing. Sometimes you need to get away from your fast-paced lives to really connect and appreciate your partner. Working together as a team and catching some exciting fish makes you appreciate and trust each other even more.

It can be extremely romantic <3
Imagine the two of you alone in the middle of a lake doing what you love the most… then add perhaps a bottle of your favorite wine or beer, some nice picnic by the shore and many opportunities to take breathtaking pictures of the two of you and your catches. Perhaps take some time to plan some romantic details, like bring your favorite snacks, some candles, a nice warm blanket to cuddle under. When you are doing what you love with the person you love, regardless of what you plan, it is meant to be romantic and unforgettable. 

Are you going fishing with your loved one this Valentine’s? Share your photos and stories! We are always hungry for some love stories <3

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