Fishsurfing 2020 highlights

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15. 12. 2020

After this crazy pandemic year many might hope that "what happened in 2020 stays in 2020", but there are also great things to celebrate, remember and hope to have more of in the coming year! 

250K anglers on the app

During our development phase, we reached a milestone and we are becoming the biggest fishing app in Europe. We are now getting ready to start the next fishing season with full power and continue growing! Thanks to all of you!

New desktop website

The Fishsurfing website now has a fresher and cleaner look to help you better navigate it from your computer and find what you are looking for.

Unique Fishsurfing map

We now have the largest database of everything fishing. From accommodation, to fishing grounds, fishing stores and local fishing guides. We now have everything to help you plan your ideal fishing trip. 

These amazing anglers became Fishsurfing ambassadors

From all over Europe active and experienced anglers like Nikol Seesee, Tiago Lemos, Fish X and many others, joined our team of ambassadors. We are so thrilled to have such a vibrant group of people spreading the word and supporting the wonderful community we are building together. We look forward to another year working and fishing with all of you! 

Meet the Fishsurfing ambassadors

Thanks to every single one of you for sharing your pictures, videos, blogs and participating in this growing community throughout this year! We definitely want to continue growing together in 2021. The next fishing season will have lots of activity growth and surprises, please stick around and continue sharing your love for fishing :) 

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Full article is accessible for registered users only

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