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15. 12. 2020

We are amazed by the great catches shared by all of you this year. 
It was hard to pick favorites, but here are some of 2020 greatest catches!!!

Joel kept showing off his amazing Northern Pikes!

Fishsurfing ambassador from Sweden, Joel Paulsson shared a number of impressive Northern pike catches this year.
His profile is filled with some beautiful photos of not only Pikes, but also Salmon, Perch and more specieis in amazing Swedish landscapes. 
We are super proud and excited to have active anglers like Joel regularly sharing their passion with this amazing community. What an inspiration! 
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Nixie An and her carpfishing adventures in Ukraine 

Our Fishsurfing ambassador in Ukraine, Nixie An kept inspiring us throughout the year with her beautiful and fun carpfishing photos. 
This photo, like her profile, is the perfect combination of the fun, adventure and beauty of carpfishing.
She definitely enjoys what she does and communicated it very well. Thank you Nixie, we hope to see more of your catches next year! 
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Michal caught a huge catfish in the Czech Republic

Michal wowed us all with this great catch of an impressive 2.10 cm long catfish in the Czech Republic.
There's something impressive and exciting about catfishing, especially when they reach these sizes and we can see the satisfaction in anglers' faces. 
This photo by Michal got a lot of love and for good reasons. We can't wait to see what 2020 will bring your way. Please keep sharing Michal. 
See more catches by Michal.

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These are only some of the great catches that inspired us this year, but there are many more that motivate us to continue growing this community in 2021 and to keep fishing. Have a look at the Best of Fishsurfing, maybe next year you can be in it as well  

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