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26. 08. 2020

Lake Bled is one of Slovenia’s most popular tourist destinations, famous for its island in the middle of a lake and lakeside castle. It is a fairytale location surrounded by the snow peaked Julian Alps just 35 km from Ljubljana Airport. 

However it is also an angler’s paradise for it is also amazing underneath its surface where trophy fish thrive in its pristine waters. Combining beautiful mountains with churches, castles and exciting catches, this must definitely be on your angler’s bucket list. 

About Lake Bled  

Glacier and tectonic in origin, this lake is the result of glacier recession after the last Ice Age which deepened the existing tectonic hollow and created this beautiful body of water we see today. It lies 475 meters above sea level with a surface of 1.45 km2 and a maximum depth of 30.6 meters and has an average annual temperature of 12°C. 

What to fish

Lake Bled is home to almost a dozen fish species including: Wels catfish, pike, pike-perch, carp, lake trout, chub, tench, roach, common rudd and perch. However, it is mostly known for its trophy sized carps with at least 50 of them reaching over 30 kg and a record mirror carp of 32.4 kg. And that’s just carps, almost every catch here is meant to be a trophy one. 

Fishing info

The fishing season in Lake Bled begins April 1st and ends December 31st. Throughout the year bottom, trolling, spinning, bleak and fly fishing are permitted at the lake. Contact a local guide, like Žiga Tomšič, to get more information about regulations on equipment, fish quotas, etc. 

Other activities

Depending on the time of the year you can do a number of activities around Lake Bled, starting with walking around the lake or climbing up to its viewpoint of Mala Osojnica where you can see the entire lake and take some amazing photos. You can also zipline, swim, paddleboard or simply relax by a lakeside café. 

Nearby places to visit

Close to Lake Bled there are a number of amazing spots to check out starting with Vintgar Gorge where you can walk above the picturesque Radovna river on boardwalks that crisscross it. Then there’s the Triglav National park if you want a bit more of nature trails. The area is rich with spots like these, so it’s up to you to explore them. 

Don’t forget to contact our local guide, Žiga Tomšič, through the app if you have any questions about fishing in Lake Bled or other parts of Slovenia. 

Fotos by: 

Žiga Tomšič

Jorge Franganillo



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