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26. 08. 2020

If you want to disconnect from civilization and enjoy some fishing in the wilderness, Beliș-Fântânele in the Romanian Carpathians is your kind of spot. Just a two hour drive from Cluj-Napoca’s international airport it is an easily accessible spot to enjoy nature and some fantastic fishing. 

About the lake 

This artificial lake was made between 19070 and 1974 for hydroelectric purposes along the Someșul Cald river, and has now become a place to relax and come in contact with nature. The lake is 17 kilometers long and 105 meters deep with a few gorges and wonder forests surrounding it.

What to fish

Beliș-Fântânele is known for its natural salmonid populations including graylings and trouts. If you fish without a guide the daily fishing fee is of about 6.5 euros a day with two fishing rods and allows you to keep 10 fish. However, there are fantastic guides in the area including our own Outdoor Transylvania Fly Fishing. 

Where to stay

How wild do you wish your adventure to be? In Beliș-Fântânele you can either stay in a comfortable traditional cabin, the Fantanele resort on the east side of the lake or go pitch a tent in one of their campsites for a full wild experience. Be careful with your food and catches for bears often roam the area. 

Fishing guide

As you might already know, Fishsurfing has the largest database of fishing guides around Europe, and we definitely have experts in Beliș-Fântânele. Outdoor Transylvania Fly Fishing has been fishing in the area for years and organizes all inclusive fishing trips for those who don’t want to plan much and just enjoy fishing in the wilderness. 

Other activities

Beliș-Fântânele is located inside the Apuseni Natural Park which provides great spots hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, caving and wildlife and bird watching, as well as wonderful underground rivers, cave systems and majestic mountain. How about combining fishing with some more outdoor activities? 

Nearby places to visit

You can always start or end your trip with a visit to Cluj-Napoca where you can explore its  gothic and medieval architecture, amazing gardens and parks, cafés and its famous nightlife. Near Cluj there are also the amazing Turda Salt mines which are now an interesting underground museum. In case you want to combine fishing with some sightseeing, this area has a lot to offer you. 

Don’t forget to contact our local guide Sebastian through our app if you have any questions about fishing in Beliș-Fântânele. 


Fotos by: Outdoor Transylvania Fly Fishing 



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