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28. 08. 2020

The Ebro River is the second largest river in the Iberian Peninsula running for approximately 928 km. Through its course it goes through a number of beautiful Spanish towns, mountains ranges and keeps growing as it meets many tributaries along the way and ends in the Mediterranean sea. 

The Ebro is rich with history, amazing scenery, flora and fauna, and most importantly for us anglers, amazing fishes throughout its length. Monster catfish, trophy sized carps, perches and more make this river, especially in near its dams, an angler's paradise. 

Rich biodiversity

The Ebro is has a rich biodiversity hosting hundreds of species of birds, mammals, river flora and off course fishes. Among the fish species living in the Ebro are the Wels catfish, zander, peches, black bass and carps. This diversity of species makes it possible to go fishing during every season and find exciting adventures throughout the year. 

When to fish in the Ebro

While summer is popular among anglers looking for Wels catfish, others prefer winter for carp fishing. The Ebro has a large population of small carps that will for sure satisfy carp fishers and these will be most active during the colder months. For more information on fishing seasons contact our local guide Milan

Places to fish in the river

The most popular places for anglers to go fishing in the Ebro are the dams of Mequinenza and Caspe which are full of carps and Wels Catfish. For different types of fishing there is also the Ebro River Delta which provides many interesting opportunities for sea fishing. The question you should ask yourself is, what kind of species you want to catch. 

Where to stay

Being  such a popular destination for anglers the Ebro has many different possibilities of lodging to offer. If you want more of the quiet experience away from comforts and perhaps other people it is possible to bring your own camper or simply a tent and set camp near the river. If you want a comfortable bed and a place to cook and hangout with others there are fishermen chalets, or even hotels in riverside towns. 

Nearby places to visit

Along the river there are beautiful cities and towns to visit like Logroño, Zaragoza, Mora d’Ebre, Calahora and many others. Regardless of where you decide to go fishing there will always be an interesting place to visit. So narrow down your area and keep an eye for amazing historical and natural spots near your fishing spot. Have you been there? Which ones did you like? 

Contact one of our local guides to help you plan your next fishing trip to the Ebro River and don’t forget to share your catches and experiences on Fishsurfing. 



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