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02. 09. 2020

Fall has officially started and with it milder and benign temperatures are reaching Europe accompanied by a beautiful change in the landscape and more cooperative fish. Changing temperatures make bait species relocate and predator species adapt by following them to other areas or finding new food sources. 

Fall might not be the most abundant period for angler’s, but it has plenty of peace and quiet as well as interesting opportunities to adapt your fishing techniques and find new spots. If you haven’t fished during the early fall, you might risk loving it after you give it a try. 

We have compiled a list of places in Europe along with the best known species to catch during this wonderful time of the year. We sure cannot list them all, but we can give you some inspiration. ;)

Blekinge’s archipelago, Sweden - Pike 
Sweden is known for its amazing fishing destinations, and there’s some catches for every season. Early fall in southern Sweden tends to be a great time for catching pikes. This fish which tends to shy away into deeper water during sunny and calm weather will now come out as waters begin to cool down a bit. 

The Blekinge’s archipelago is known for its large pikes of around 10 kg which you can catch from boats or kayaks around the islands. An amazing location for fall fishing! 

Ebro Delta, Spain - Leerfish 
The Ebro river is rich with amazing catches even in its Delta, near the city of Tarragona. Besides having huge Catfish and Carps in its dams, its delta is known for having the largest Leerfish or Palometón in the mediterranean which are best caught in the early summer or in the fall. These are very intelligent fish which will definitely provide an exciting fishing experience. 

The Ebro delta Palometones usually weigh around 20-30 kg, but there have been some of up to 38 kg. You might get lucky! 

Dunajec River, Poland - Brown trout 
This largest river in southern Poland runs through a breathtaking and narrow valley surrounded by mountains. The river has some rapids, rocks and quiet areas ideal for different styles of fishing and species depending on the season. It is a beautiful place to look at the foliage changes in the autumn season and catch some nice brown trouts.

Brown trouts in this river range from 30-45 cm in length and weigh around 30 kg . Most sections of the river are catch and release so make sure to check regulations in the areas you plan to go to.  

Kiebingen, Germany - Wels Catfish
A suburb of Rottenburg, Kiebingen is famous for its world record catfish of 2.49 meters and 89 kilograms. Although you might not find one this size everyday there are plenty of excitingly big catfish to catch. You can then combine it with a little trip around the beautiful town or Rottenburg to celebrate your catches. 

Although summer is quite an active month for young catfish, the larger ones need more food around fall when they’re preparing for the following seasons. If you come prepared this might be your chance to catch a monster. 

There are many more spots to catch interesting fishes this fall. Share your list with us! 


 Photos: Pike - form PxHere /  Ebro Delta - Wikipedia / Browntrout - Pikist / Dunajec river - Pikist / Wels Catfish - Nico




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