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15. 09. 2020

Whether you like fresh water or sea fishing, Sweden has more than enough to offer. From the largest lakes and rivers in Europe to its archipelagos and more than 3,218 km of coastline along the Baltic and North Sea there is surely a lot to explore and many different species to catch. 

River and lake fishing in Sweden 
Sweden is home to some of the biggest rivers in Europe, and offers different kind of river adventures depending on which region you wish to visit. 

The Arctic Circle and northern regions for instance are for the real adventurers, with vast unpopulated lands, extreme weather and powerful rivers. For this type of trip you might want to go with a guide. The terrain can be difficult and trying, but its beauty and the catches it offers are definitely worth it. In the Arctic you can catch amazing brown trouts, chars and graylings and depending on the season perhaps the northern lights or midnight sun. 

Check out Robert, one of our guides working in the Arctic Circle. 

In Central Sweden you will find great rivers like the Dalälven and Klarälven which form rich meadows, wetlands and marshes with amazing fishing opportunities. The species to look after when visiting Central Sweden are pike, perch and zander. The biggest freshwater zander caught in Sweden in 2010 was in the Dälälven.  So what are you waiting for? 

In Southern Sweden there are some amazing river systems full of salmon and trout. One of the most famous being the River Mörrumsån, known by fishermen across the globe for its salmon. Aside from the great rivers, southern Sweden also has amazing lakes, among them lake Vänern, the largest in the European Union. 

Sea fishing in Sweden 
From the Gulf of Bothnia on the Finnish border to the North Sea bordering Norway, Sweden is full of amazing places by the sea to catch some fish and enjoy its beauty. 

The East Coast, including Stockholm, is full of archipelagos of all sizes as well as skerries. There are so many that in order to get a glimpse of them it is better to hire a guide with a boat and do a little island hopping while looking out for some great catches. 

Check out our map or look up our guides Natali and Lars, both in different locations along the coast. 

Southern Sweden, has great spots like the Hanöbukten or Hanö Bay famous for its great size salmon, as well as other species. 

On the other hand the Western Coast of Sweden is another story. This part is better known for its deep-sea fishing for cod, garfish, sea trout and mackerel along its rocky coastline. It is also a great place to go looking for lobsters and oysters if you want a bit of a different experience. 

Do I need a fishing license in Sweden? 

While most bodies of water require some type of license, Sweden's biggest lakes and coastlines are free with some limits on fish size and the amount of fish you can catch. Fishing without a license, or poaching, is seriously punisheable by Swedish law so it is always good to get the most updated and localized information from the office where you get your licenses or even better ask one of our guides. 

Have you gone fishing in Sweden? Share your catches and tell us your stories. 



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