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30. 10. 2020

Hungary is known by anglers across the globe as the land of carps for it is rich with trophy sized carps wherever you go. It is easy to catch record carps, as well as to catch record amounts of them. But its riches go beyond just carps, for in its lakes and waterways thrive at least 50 different species of freshwater fish. 

What to fish

Hungarian waters are also known for their catfish, zander, perch, sturgeons, barbel and eels, all of respectable sizes. Experienced anglers usually go after predators, and even herbivore carps that can weigh up to 26 kg. Fishing a trophy is commonplace in this anglers paradise. 

Rich landscape

This landlocked country is rich in natural lakes of all sizes, irrigation channels, dams, quarry lakes, watering holes, and captivating rivers. The total water surface in which one can fish is more than 130.000 hectares. There are so many places to fish, that there is enough space for all of its 400.000 local anglers, plus visiting ones to find a spot to enjoy its riches. 

Where to fish

The top angling spots in Hungary are the Danube and Tisza Rivers, as well as the Balaton, Velence and Tisza Lakes. Private fishing lakes are also quite popular among local anglers, while northern Hungary has many river stretches perfect for fly fishing. Tributary rivers and dams all over Hungary also provide interesting possibilities. You won’t run out of new amazing places to fish in Hungary. 

Fishing licences 

To fish in Hungary you need either a state licence which lasts a year and costs less than 10 euros, or a regional licence if you are fishing in a body of water controlled by an association, company or individual. There are also a number of seasonal, quantitative, environmental and age restrictions to watch out for, and a compulsory logbook that must be submitted to the government annually. You can contact a guide or local angler on the app to learn more about these. 

Things to enjoy

Besides fishing and visiting its wonderful cities and countryside, Hungary is also known for its cuisine. This can very well include one of your catches, for they have some amazing fish dishes like the Balaton Zander. Some of the best places to catch and eat is around the lake itself. You must also try the halpaprikás, a slow-cooked soup with three different kinds of fish, onion and paprika commonly cooked in specialized restaurants by rivers and lakes. 

We hope this sparked your inspiration and you consider visiting this amazing country soon. Don’t forget to contact some local anglers to learn more about fishing in Hungary, make new friends and soon meet by the water. 

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