Fishing in Lake Massaciuccoli; a Tuscan anglers paradise

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18. 11. 2020

This beautiful lake in the Province of Lucca in northern Tuscany is a favorite of Italians, tourists,  anglers and music lovers alike. The lake is not only a privileged spot in terms of its biodiversity making it a favorite of birdwatchers and anglers, but also a pilgrimage site for opera lovers who come to visit the home of the Italian opera composer Giacomo Puccini on its shores. 

Add sandy beaches only a few kilometers away, some archaeological sites, the beautiful Tuscan towns surrounding it and a well-preserved ecosystem and you have the perfect angling getaway. This Tuscan fishing gem is less than 20 kilometers away from the towns of Pisa and Lucca, making it easy to reach for local and international anglers. Read a bit and get some inspiration for your next fishing holiday. 


About Lake Massaciuccoli

The lake is what was left of a delta lagoon which was drained to gain land for agriculture. Connected to the Thyrrean sea by a canal the lake receives some salinity when the lake water levels go down making it very nutrient rich. Surrounded by marshlands, Lake Massaciuccoli hosts a variety of fish and bird species worth looking out for. 

What to fish in lake Massaciuccoli 

Lake Massaciuccoli is entirely a no-kill lake which helps maintain healthy populations of Carp, Tench, Pike, Eel, Black bullhead catfish and trout. The lake is especially known for its carps and Black bullhead catfish and very recently for the arrival of the Wels catfish as an invasive species. Its brackish waters provide a home to many more fishes which will keep any angler entertained. 

Fishing info

Before heading to the water you need to procure a fishing license with the local authorities. You can also contact a local fishing guide through Fishsurfing to get updated information about licenses and restrictions. 

Other activities

You can practice a wide range of water sports from kayaking and canoeing to paddleboarding and more. Don’t forget to bring binoculars, for there are great opportunities for birdwatching all around the lake, even when you decide to take a little break between fishing sessions. There are also boardwalks over the marshlands, so bring some good walking shoes and mosquito repellent to enjoy the walks. 

Nearby places to visit

Definitely visit the Villa museum of Puccini which depending on the time of the year may host concerts and performances of some of Puccini’s most famous operas. To get a glimpse of ancient Rome, consider visiting the roman ruins on the eastern side of the lake and perhaps going to the beach just a few kilometers away. 

Don’t forget to contact a guide in the region, like Andrea, if you have any questions about fishing in Lake Massaciuccoli or other parts of Italy. 

Photos: Wikipedia / Guiseppe Trani


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