5 reasons to go fishing to the Lower Volga in Russia

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02. 12. 2020

The Volga, or the “Mother of all rivers” as Russian endearingly call it, is the longest river in Europe. Throughout its course it is also well known for its fishing culture. Especially the Lower Volga where the river approaches its delta into the Caspian sea. So here are some reasons why you should definitely add this region to your angler’s bucket list. 

Lots of trophy fishes
From Carp, to Catfish, Asp, Sturgeon, Zander and many more species, their sizes in the Lower Volga are amazing. Some anglers from the region claim that one can even catch a trophy with your bare hands during spring and fall. That might be an exaggeration, but it is true that exciting species thrive in this region. Just make sure to check regulations to help keep healthy populations ;)

Historical and gorgeous cities
The Lower Volga goes through some interesting and beautiful cities. Perhaps you are a history buff when you’re not fishing and want to explore the hometown of Lenin in Ulyánovsk or the place where one of the greatest battles of WWII was fought around Volgograd. If that’s not your style and you simply want to do some sightseeing, Volgograd, or Astracán have some nice sites and fishing spots. ;)

Largest estuary in Europe 
The lower Volga, and most specifically its delta in the Caspian Sea form the largest estuary in continental Europe. This is a magical place where two rich ecosystems, that of the Volga river and that of the Caspian Sea, meet giving rise to an incredibly biodiverse spot. It is recognized globally as an important ecosystem for global and local species, among those four sturgeon species and Caspian salmon as well. 

Vibrant fishing villages 
Despite many restrictions to protect the Volga river and Caspian ecosystems, there are still many responsible communities and anglers fishing all year round in the area. Fishing is definitely not a passtime, but a lifestyle along the Volga. There are a number of fishing villages where to stay and meet local anglers between Volgograd and the delta. A great way to learn new techniques, make some friends and explore fishing in the Lower Volga. 

Catches all year round
Yep! Regardless of when you want to come check out the Lower Volga, there is always fishing going on. The most pleasant months for fishing in the region are May and June, but there’s lots of fishing going on throughout the year with accommodations ranging from makeshift campsites to more comfortable chalets, boats houses or fishing villages to pick depending on the weather and your budget.

Have you fished in the Lower Volga? Are you from that region? Share your stories, photos and videos on Fishsurfing. We’d love to hear from you! 

Photos: Wikipedia / Андрей Пиляев / Владимир Алексеевич



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