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yasindu pothuwila Sri Lanka
yasindu pothuwila
15. 07. 2021

Stilt fishig know as ritipanne fishing is one of the most interesting technique use in our island. Though stilt fishermen make the activity seem easy and comfortable; stilt fishing requires much skill and balance. A vertical pole with an attached crossbar is embedded into the sea floor among the shallows, or on a riverbed. The crossbar allows the fishermen to be seated a couple of meters above the water causing minimal shadows on the water and hence little to no disturbance amongst the sea life. The stilt fishermen then use a rod from this precarious position to bring in a good catch of spotted herrings and small mackerels from the comparative shallows of the sea or from the river. They collect the catch in a bag tied to the pole or to their waist.
Local fishermen use this method to fishing on shallow sea and also sometimes occasional stilt fishermen can also be seen amongst the waters of Madu River, etc. Ritipanne fishing is a common thing in southern beaches. Those who wish to learn more about stilt fishing should book a tour to Mirissa beach, Hikkaduwa Beach or Unawatuna Beach. Some of the fishermen are quite happy to show how they fish, and speak about their lives. There are also opportunities to try the activity if interested; not to mention the breathtaking photographic views provided by the fishermen silhouetted against the horizon at dawn and dusk. So if u come to Sri Lanka don't forget to do some stilt fishing. It will be a nice and memorable experience for any tropical fishing lover.

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